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Auction # IB-2298 Farnborough - Farnborough, 112 Hawley Lane, Hampshire, GU14 8JE

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Current Bids (14)

  • Alexx of Virginia water, Surrey
    Last Bidder £181
  • RWCLLTD of Leicester, Leicestershire
    Past Bidder £171
  • Alexx of Virginia water, Surrey
    Past Bidder £161
  • [email protected] of Lightwater, Surrey
    Past Bidder £151
  • Alexx of Virginia water, Surrey
    Past Bidder £141
  • Ovidiu of London, Greater London
    Past Bidder £131
  • Tony5 of Windsor, Berkshire
    Past Bidder £121
  • Ovidiu of London, Greater London
    Past Bidder £111
  • Tony5 of Windsor, Berkshire
    Past Bidder £101
  • BiLeTCi of LONDON, City of London
    Past Bidder £91
  • Fabiomorena10 of GUILDFORD - Shalford, Surrey
    Past Bidder £81
  • Mirflor of London, Greater London
    Past Bidder £71
  • Fabiomorena10 of GUILDFORD - Shalford, Surrey
    Past Bidder £61
  • Tony5 of Windsor, Berkshire
    Past Bidder £51
Auction Close Time: 16/02/2024 10:15:00
Bid from
Including 17.5% Premium + VAT = £219.01
This auction has ended.
Starting Bid: £1.00
Bid Increment: £10.00 or more


1 Guitar
1 Crate containing Sony Speakers
1 Sony Converter
1 Sony Audio/Video Control Centre
1 Crate containing Wooden Speakers
1 Crate containing Surround Sound Speakers
1 Black Flight Case containing LG Speakers
1 Bag containing Folders, Gloves, Pins, Denon HX Pro DRM-510 Stereo Tape Deck
1 Crate containing Extension Leads
1 Crate containing Heavy Duty Air Compressor
1 Draper Oil Free Compressor and Air Tool Kit
1 Ladder
1 Small Step Ladder
1 Crate containing Saw Cylinder
1 Carpet Joiner
4 Crates containing Hand Tools
1 Crate containing 2 Hand Sanders
1 Crate containing Hive Work Sand Block, Sheets, and Screws
1 Crate containing Taps and Screws
1 Crate containing 2 Sink Tapes, Screws and Misc Items
1 Yellow Trunk on Wheels containing Lightwave and Trunk Straps
1 Crate containing Yellow Sectional Trays/Boxes
2 Crates containing Yellow Boxes and Trays
2 Clear Boxes containing Yellow Section Trays
1 Crate containing Tape Guns, Safety Items and Misc Items
1 Crate containing Screws and Misc Items
1 Crate containing Misc Work Tools
1 Red Case containing Truck Straps
1 Crate containing Handyman Accessories
1 Crate containing a Removal Blanket
9 Removal Blankets
1 Harvey Softener Fleece
1 Decorating Blanket
1 Crate containing Paint
2 Crates containing Safety Wear & Work Clothes
1 Crate containing Wooden Poles and a Cutting Board
1 Crate containing Rope, Shoes, and Work Sprays
1 Crate containing Gloves and Paper
1 Wicker Basket containing Discs, Tape, Filler, and Dust Cover
1 Roughneck Carrier containing Car Wash Sets
1 Chest of Wooden Drawers containing Misc Items
1 Wooden Drawers containing Screws, Notepad, Tape Gun, and Work Tools
1 Crate containing Plates and Pots
1 Crate containing Cups and Tea Pots
1 Crate containing Mugs, Maps, and Folders
1 Box containing Glass Décor
1 Grey Box containing Wooden Jewellery Boxes
1 Hat Box containing 3 Hats
2 Crates containing Clothes
1 Black/Grey Gym Bag -containing Clothes
1 Crate containing Blanket and Shoes
1 Crate containing Folders and Briefcases
1 Crate containing Glasses, Picture, and Folders
1 Crate containing Lights and Blankets
1 Christmas Tree
1 Crate containing Xmas Garland
2 Crates containing Xmas Lights, Straps and a Saw
1 Crate containing Xmas Decorations
1 Crate containing Pictures and Remotes
1 Crate containing Misc Home Décor
1 Crate containing Ring Binders
1 Empty Clear Box
1 Broom
1 Long Handled Dustpan and Brush
1 Mop Bucket, and Roses Tin
1 Box containing White Racking Sections/Holders
1 Section of a Sink (bottom)
1 Washstand
Wood/Plastic Poles
1 Piece of Skirting
2 Pieces of Laminate Floor
1 Piece of Wood

Unit Size


Cleaning Deposit

Facility accepts Credit/Debit Card Only


(The deposit will be repaid when the unit is emptied in its entirety)


IMPORTANT: All goods are considered "branded as". Brands or artist names (eg. Nike, Wii, Rolex, The Beatles etc) are used for descriptive purposes. Unless otherwise stated, no items have been authenticated by the Storage Facility or its employees. No warranty is provided over the working order of the goods being sold. All goods should be considered as used and untested.

Terms and Conditions

VERY IMPORTANT - READ Before you bid

Soft close:

Our online storage auctions have a soft close. All bids within the last minute will extend the closing time by 2 minutes. This way the Buyer willing to bid the most will win the auction. The auction is officially closed when the "SOLD" notice appears on the auction page, otherwise the auction has gone into a soft close. Missing units have been removed by the Seller when the storage customer pays their outstanding debt prior to the close.

Price Paid:

Unless otherwise stated, all amounts are in British Pounds (GBP) and inclusive of VAT. This VAT however, only relates to the goods sold by the storage operator and not the services provided by iBidOnStorage Ltd. The Buyers Premium of 17.5%, is added to the sale price on closing of the auction. It is calculated as a percentage of the Sale Price and payable by you at the time of purchase. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the price you bid plus the Buyers Premium.

Payment and Terms of Claiming the Storage Unit:

Prior to placing a bid, you will be required to enter your debit or credit card details. Should you be the winner of an auction the total amount payable will be immediately deducted from that debit or credit card. Should that payment decline for any reason you will be deemed in breach of contract and to have defaulted on this Agreement.

From the time you are notified that you are the winner of the sale, you will have 72 hours to appear at the storage facility, pay the cleaning deposit and remove all items from the auction units. If you do not appear within 72 hours of being notified, regardless of any other communication you may have with the us, you will be deemed in breach of contract and to have defaulted on this Agreement.

In both of the above cases, we may further offer the Unit(s) to the next highest bidder, list the Unit(s) in our next scheduled sale, or dispose of the contents as if You authorised us to do so, in which case You shall be liable for all cleaning and disposal costs.

We recommend you call 01252 511112 to arrange pickup as soon as you are notified of your win. A cleaning deposit will also have to be paid as an assurance the storage unit is entirely cleared out. The deposit will only be returned when the storage unit is empty. If you do not this deposit, we will deny you access to the storage unit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All units are sold as a job lot, as is and on a what you see is what you get basis. All sales are FINAL as NO REFUNDS are given.

Pickup and Disposal

Terms & Conditions

Make sure to read the Notice to Buyers at the bottom of this listing.
Know which unit you are bidding on. If you win an auction, make certain you know which unit you have won. This number will be noted on the invoice sent to you by iBidOnStorage.

Identifying Yourself

When you come to collect your purchased contents, you must be able identify yourself as the rightful winner of the auction. A copy of the Winners Notification documentation plus photo ID must be presented on arrival.
Only the registered person who won the auction can pick up the storage unit contents.

Close of Auction

When the auction closes, you will be immediately notified by email if you won the auction in subject.

Pickup Location Information
Lok'nStore Farnborough
112 Hawley Lane, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 8JE
01252 511112
[email protected]

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm (Open till 8pm Thursday)
Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Notice to Buyers: This is to inform the Buyers prior to the sale that:

The seller reserves the right to end an auction at any time during the bidding period or before collection has taken place. If the storage customer pays the outstanding balance before collection has been made by the winning bidder, the auction may be removed.

By placing a bid, the Buyer is entering into a legally binding contract. If the winning Buyer does not honour the bid and does not pay for the purchased contents, fees will apply, up to value of the bid placed.

This Seller reserves the right to cancel any sale if the bids are, in the opinion of the Seller, unreasonable, or if the storage customer pays and redeems the unit prior to the auction closing.

The Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on ALL ITEMS within the unit and ALL ITEMS must be removed and the unit must be cleaned. In the event that the Buyer does not remove all items or does not leave the unit clean, the Seller may withhold the cleaning deposit and charge the Buyer its costs in removing such items and/or cleaning the unit.

The Buyer must remove all goods within a 72-hour period or the goods will become the property of the Seller unless, the Buyer makes appropriate arrangements or signs an agreement for said unit, and pays the current month`s rent in full. Failure to remove all goods or sign an agreement may result in the Buyer forfeiting the unit and possibly incurring a disposal fee. The Buyer is responsible for securing the unit holding such property for the 72-hour period.

It is the Buyer`s responsibility to immediately return all personal property, papers, photos, legal documents, tax returns, bank statements, etc. to the Seller for return to the storage customer in the future. If the Buyer finds any illegal material, firearms, or any item that are considered illegal, then it is the Buyers responsibility to declare and notify the local Police authority of items bought.

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