Storage Auction Hunting and Becoming a Professional Bidder
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Storage Auction Hunting and Becoming a Professional Bidder

February 22, 2021
Have you seen those television shows where individuals bid on storage units up for auction? These people sometimes find treasures inside these lockers than fetch them incredible amounts of money. What’s great is that you too can become successful at bidding on storage auctions in the United Kingdom, just like those on television. Follow these tips to get your storage auction bidding on track for success.


Plan ahead

Once you are notified of storage auctions in the United Kingdom that you would like to attend, you should plan ahead of time to arrive in advance of other bidders. Map out your course, using GPS on your mobile, so that you can get from each storage unit to the next before the crowds, giving you a better vantage point. Not only will you get a first viewing, but you’ll have a clearer audio of the details the auctioneer announces.


Inspect the contents

Often, storage auctions in the UK only allow bidders a glimpse at the contents of the storage unit. Getting to the locker ahead of the crowd gives you a better look at the items inside the unit, once the door is opened. Pay close attention to how the locker is loaded: is everything neatly packed or in disarray? Neatly loaded suggests the owner cared for the contents.

Likewise, a lot of dust and cobwebs means the items were stored for a long duration – would an owner store items for so long if they were of little value? Not likely.

Finally, the type of items inside can be telling – is the furniture old/antique? Are there electronics? Tools/power equipment? The items insides can indicate who the owner might have been and what the storage was used for.


Be aware of value 

In advance of the storage auction, do a little research online. What are the most in-demand collectibles currently online? Knowing this will provide you with an idea as to what prices items are selling for with sellers, and therefore what items to jump on if they appear at the auction. It will also give you an idea as to what you might be willing to pay for a unit with such an item inside.


Don’t be afraid to bid

Once you know you want a unit, don’t be afraid to bid on it. Get moving on it before others do, but also have a budget in mind before bidding. When making that budget, base it on the contents within the storage unit that you can see – don’t add value for the items you cannot see. And then stick to your budget.

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