Storage Wars: The Coolest Storage Items Won In Auc
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Storage Wars: The Coolest Storage Items Won In Auction

January 25, 2021
By now, the odds are high that you’ve sat in front of the telly and been captivated by hit reality show Storage Wars. Storage auctions are presented as battles between competing bidders all hoping to secure the unknown treasures they are putting their money on being inside. It’s an exciting thrill, watching these men and women wage war over the unknown.

Not always are the warriors successful. Not always do the items within the storage unit return a profit. But sometimes those profits can be huge, and sometimes the items found within auctioned storage units can be strangely cool, along with being incredibly valuable. Here, we take a look at some of the coolest storage items ever won in auction on Storage Wars. 

Unmarked banknotes

After spending $400 on this particular unit, the winning bidder proceeded to go through the contents inside. Within an old trunk, $24,000 was found inside. Oddly though, these notes had no faces on them, and no one could determine whether the faces were removed or whether they were a printing error. Happily, the banknotes were deemed legal tender, and the owner struck a massive profit on his storage unit.

Elvis Presley in print

A large segment of many bidders’ targeted item type at storage auctions is of course the collector’s item. Whether these are old trading cards, model planes, memorabilia, or a host of all sorts of bizarre items, collectibles can yield massive returns if you can find the right buyer. In one episode of Storage Wars, Dave Hestor found memorabilia that provides a great example of this. In his storage unit, Hestor found a large pile of newspapers, all covering the death of Elvis Presley. He later found a buyer that paid almost $90,000 for Elvis’ death in print.

Toys are collectibles

In speaking of collectibles, often collectibles are really toys, items initially created for the enjoyment of children. Trading cards and model planes – and My Little Pony. In one storage unit Brandi and Jarrod won on Storage Wars, they found a number of My Little Pony toys that had been kept in their original boxes as collectibles. The couple turned those My Little Ponies into around $875.

Storage is voodoo

Yielding massive returns on storage auctions can sometimes seem like voodoo, but you never expect to find yourself dealing with voodoo explicitly. Well that’s exactly what happened to Brandi one day, as she was going through her newly won storage unit. Opening a box, Brandi found what might be one of the oddest and coolest collection of items found on the show. Inside were a set of voodoo dolls, along with statues, chicken bones, and a deer skull. Brandi was spooked, but she knew she found something unique.

Pirate treasure

Isn’t pirate treasure really what we’re all looking for at storage auctions?! Ok, maybe not pirate treasure, but we’re certainly hoping for treasures. Incredibly, Dan and Laura Dotson won a storage unit for $1,000 that actually came with pirate treasure. Inside a chest, they found 16th Century Spanish gold known as ‘pieces of eight.’ These so-called “pieces” were then valued at $500,000. That is some brilliant storage treasure.

While pirate treasure, voodoo, and Elvis aren’t guaranteed, bidding on storage auctions in the United Kingdom couldn’t be easier with – start uncovering your own storage treasures today!

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