The Popularity of Storage Auctions in the United Kingdom

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The Popularity of Storage Auctions in the United Kingdom

April 05, 2021
If you turn on the tube, it seems there’s always some channel (or 2 or 3) airing a show about storage auctions. It isn’t even the same show either, with multiple shows focusing on exactly the same content, making it seem like all of us in the United Kingdom simply can’t get enough of the allure and energy contained within a storage auction.


That boom of interest – only becoming heightened by our new need to stay home during the pandemic – has led to so many jumping on their computer, tablet, or mobile to try their own hand at bidding on storage auctions in the United Kingdom online. And why wouldn’t they?


Why so popular? 

Hollywood loves to blast movies about car chases across every screen it possibly can. The Chase: it’s a thrill every one of us has a difficult time resisting. Gambling is a human instinct – at least if you were to ever walk into a casino and judge the human beings you find inside.


The possibility of winning, and of winning big, is something many cannot but chase. The reward is often too great to worry about the risk involved with losing.


But this isn’t luck

Bidding on delinquent storage units during an auction is not gambling though. It simply shouldn’t be considered under the same light as gambling.


Bidding is a calculated art form; one where the bidder has an understanding of the value of the contents contained within the storage unit they are bidding on. They are not ‘bidding on a prayer;’ they’re bidding on something that they know they can return a profit on. If not, then they stop bidding.


It’s knowing what to bid on

Knowing what you are bidding on and the approximate value of those items allows bidders to cap their bidding price, paying only an amount that they know they can turn a profit on. This means that successful storage auction bidders always research the items seen in units.


The advent of the online storage auction platform, especially during the pandemic, only complements this need of the bidder’s: being online already means you’re only a window away from learning about the item you are curious about.


For tips on how to bid on online storage auctions in the United Kingdom, have a read of this article.


And if you are interested in getting to bid online yourself, then register for free with and get bidding today!

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